Reach a Campus, Today!

Step #1
Express Interest

Meet the Local Church

Are you interested in reaching a local high school campus, in your city? Complete the interest form to introduce yourself and start the 4-step process to reach a local high school campus!

Step #2
Get Trained

Train the Local Church

Through detailed trainings, OVSM provides step-by-step instruction for launching a dynamic student-led campus program. In-person and online training options are available.

Step #3
Register Campus

Connect the Local Church

Once trained, register your church and campus and let us know you’re ready to to start reaching your mission field! Registration will grant you access to the OVSM Network.

Step #4
Announce Launch

Launch The Local Church

You’ve been training, registered a campus, received resources, and have launched a student led Jesus Club! Announce your launch and share about the student lives being changed.