Steps to Reach a Campus

The mission of One Voice Training is to mobilize, equip, and resource the local church to reach campuses. We want to see your local church reaching your local schools, in a dynamic way! To this end, we have created a 4-step action plan, which we refer to as "The Path".

Action Step #1 | Express Interest
The first step in reaching a local campus through a student led Jesus Club is to let One Voice know you want to reach a campus! Complete a brief information form and you're on your way to reaching a local campus!

Action Step #2 | Get Trained
By participating in a detailed training. You will be provided with step-by-step instructions for launching a dynamic campus ministry (One Voice refers to the ministry model as "Jesus Club"). In-person and online training options are available.

Action Step #3 | Register Club
Once trained, you will be required to register the school where the student led Jesus Club will be launching. Registration involves submitting information to One Voice about  your church and the club's student leader and teacher sponsor. When you register, you will be granted access to the Resources. The One Voice Training team will provide you with practical resources and connection with other ministry leaders across the nation! You will also be required to submit a monthly update (approx. 5 minutes to complete) on your campus ministry. There are free and paid resource tiers available.

Action Step #4 | Announce Launch
You’ve been training, registered a campus, received resources, and have launched your Jesus Club! The final step is to announce the launch of your Jesus Club and share about the student lives being changed!

One Voice Training Definitions

One Voice Training: The training initiative of One Voice Student Missions to mobilize, equip, and resource the local church to reach campuses through student led Jesus Clubs.

Chapter: A chapter is a local church that is reaching a campus through a student led Jesus Club model.

Chapter Leader: A church representative who will act as a representative of your campus ministry, on the church front. They will organize and lead your church team, connect and work with the Jesus Club student leaders, and act as the main contact between your church, local school, and One Voice.

Teacher Sponsor: A teacher on the campus who is agreeing to act as a staff advisor for the club.

Student Leader: A student who will be the leader of the club. All student-led clubs require student leadership.

Jesus Club: A Jesus Club is a weekly, lunchtime gathering where students hear the good news of Jesus through a simple presentation of the gospel. A Jesus Club is different than a traditional Christian Club in that's its focus is on reaching non-believers.

Reached: A campus that has a local church, recognized as a chapter by One Voice, working with the student-led Jesus Club.

Unreached: A campus without a Jesus Club Chapter. OVSM sees any campus as unreached, even if there are other faith-based groups present, if there is not a local church connected with One Voice working there.

In-process: A campus where a local church has registered for it and is on the path to reach that school. A campus may be in-process for up to 2 months. If it has not been reached by the end of that time it will be recategorized as unreached (exceptions to be made at the discretion of One Voice Training).

What is One Voice Training?

One Voice Training is the training initiative of OVSM. One Voice Training focuses on mobilizing, equipping, and resourcing the Local Church to reach public middle schools and high schools through student led Jesus Clubs.

How is One Voice Training different from other high school focused ministries?

One Voice Training is focused on training local churches - youth pastors and student leaders - to effectively see student led clubs flourish with the support of students' local churches.

Does One Voice Training only train local churches to reach campuses?

Yes. One Voice Training only trains Local Churches and Missional Communities to reach campuses.

Is One Voice Student Missions a “Para-Church”?

While One Voice Student Missions (OVSM) is a missionary staffed movement, we do not consider ourselves a para-church. We believe  in empowering the local church to accomplish the mission of reaching high schools.

What is One Voice Student Missions (OVSM)?

One Voice Student Missions (OVSM) is a missions organization that exists to see students saved, discipled, and sent. My Campus, My Mission (MCMM) is a training initiative of One Voice Student Missions.

Can I register a campus and never complete a training?

No. If you choose not to complete a training with One Voice Training, you will be unable to move forward in the action plan and the campus will maintain an unreached status. 

Why is a school I minister at listed as "unreached"?

OVSM sees any campus as unreached, even if there are other faith-based groups present, if there is not a local church connected with One Voice working there.

In order for a school to be categorized as REACHED under One Voice Training, there are several criteria that must be met.

1. A local church has launched a Jesus Club Chapter on the local high school, through student led leaders. This requires active participation of a local church in supporting the student leaders.
2. Adult Chapter leaders have registered the school
3. Adult Chapter leaders have completed a One Voice training
4. Chapter hosts weekly Connect Days
5. Chapter hosts weekly Jesus Club gatherings
6. Chapter hosts weekly Discipleship Groups
7. Chapter submits monthly report